New York Style Vegan Pizza

New York Style Vegan Pizza

Updated: May 31, 2019

Growing up in New York we would always stop on "The Ave" ( if you're from Queens you already know) to get pizza after school. This pizza shop had the best pizza in Queens PERIODT! However that was BEFORE we went vegan. We've been to numerous vegan pizza shops in New York and Philly, and they were good BUT expensive. So we decided to try our hand at making our own and OMG, this is bangin you guys.

The sausage that we chose to use and recommend using is the beyond sausage. Its delicious and all you need is one thinly sliced and it covers the entire pizza. We also used Vio life Mozzarella cheese- where has this cheese been all our vegan lives?! Its easily the best vegan mozzarella out. This recipe is very easy and quick to make, and also very versatile. If you don't like vegan sausages, you can try adding mushrooms or other veggies.

However you chose to make it, we hope you enjoy it!

Shopping List

  • pizza dough/ or pre made pizza crust

  • 8 ounces vegan mozzarella cheese

  • vegan sausage

  • 3/4 cup - 1/2 cup pizza sauce

  • avocado oil

  • all purpose flour for dusting

  • pinch of garlic powder

  • pinch of oregano

  • pinch of sea salt


  1. Sprinkle flour onto a clean counter top, and also dust dough lightly with flour.

  2. Place dough onto counter and use roller to flatten into a circle.

  3. Lightly grease 14" inch pizza pan with 1 tbsp oil.

  4. Place dough carefully onto pan, and roll the ends into a crust like shape.

*If using a pre made pizza crust, follow the directions listed on the packaging.

5. Slice the sausage thinly. Place a medium sized pan on medium- high heat with 1 tbsp. oil. Cook sausage evenly on both sides until browned. Sprinkle with oregano.

6. Spoon the pizza sauce onto the dough. Use the back of the spoon to smooth the sauce evenly among the dough.

7. In a medium pan, place 2 tbsp. oil into the pan. Add in the vegan mozzarella. Cook on medium- low heat until the cheese is completely melted and bubbling; while whisking continuously. Use a spoon to spread the cheese among the pizza.

8. Place the sausage on top of pizza. Sprinkle the garlic powder, oregano, and sea salt on top of the entire pizza.

9. Bake on 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15- 19 minutes. ( Or bake according to your pizza crust packaging.

*When done, allow pizza to cool ( if you can wait) slice, serve, and enjoy! ;-)

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